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The food you eat or brush you’re using may have been made by a worker earning less than a dollar an hour — not in the developing world, but in the invisible workforce inside America’s prisons. Share this if you oppose prison labor for profit.

Source: http://ow.ly/iwTlY

When I was in prison I worked 3 shifts a day, 5 days a week, starting at 5 AM and ending at 8 PM. I was paid $5.25 a month. Pay for the inmates who facilitate UNICOR workers (by making their food, washing their laundry, etc,) is even lower than the wages cited in the above graphics. The prison industry is also a slave industry, and it isn’t just corporations who benefit. All the furniture you see in federal buildings, post offices, DMVs, etc, where do you think it comes from? Prison labor. I think a lot of people know about states that use prison labor for license plates, but fewer people know that the plaques on doors at city halls, and sometimes the doors themselves, come from prison labor. The incarcerated are a hyper-exploited class unto themselves, and almost no one seems to be helping them to organize.


For-profit prisons are a huge business and this is part of why. 

Also, did you know that it’s in the Constitution that people convicted of crimes can be used as slave labor? That’s another part of the Constitution that needs to be changed. 

If you changed that part of the constitution you’re essentially removing a strong leg of the prison industrial complex




FEM4FEM //Issue 01: Boys In Crop Tops

Introducing FEM4FEM, a magazine that celebrates all that is transformative, magical, intersectional, and queer. FEM4FEM is the result of one too many wonderful conversations, dialogues, imagined narratives, and self-prophesied alternate timelines between chungsun and odera. FEM4FEM is a restorative elixir; for when sailor moon transformations aren’t working like they used to; when the patriarchy has got you down; or when you think you can’t balance being a radical queer cutie with body rolling to 90s jams while eating too many slices of pizza (hint: you are queer and limitless, you can do all these things and more).

And what better way to kick off FEM4FEM than to celebrate the rebounding trend/act of resistance: the crop top. So everyone go out and prep your body (eating a burrito is my personal favorite) and dawn your favorite crop top.




Other boring artist’s notes: After redesigning all of those Sailor Scouts, I have been looking for new ways to experiment with materials and subject matter. Typically I only inject a very specific portion of my persona into my illustrations (the fantasy aspect that loves mythology + folklore + magical girl/diva tropes). So I am excited to explore content that is more contemporary and inspired by my humor, sexuality, daily living, etc (essentially the side that my friends are more likely to see before I get into my head and think “-afrocentric mythological goddesses at the dreaded gateway swallowing the souls, dreams, and nightmares of spiritchildren at the crossroads WITH SPARKLES AND SWORDS! Like a miyazaki film meets Zap Mama meets octavia butler!!!-.

It’s also extremely refreshing to pull out my yummy series 7 windsor newton brushes and use real ink! I used to be so terrified of ink, but ink has the TripleF/FFF as I like to say: Form, Fluidity, and Freedom.  So this is my first attempt at a “finished”/refined illustration without emulating intensive painting techniques.

… .also this isn’t a real magazine (but who know where this project will lead me)

I want to read this article about microaggressions in the bedroom most of all.

Sometimes I want to make sex my work just to teach other people how to be autonomous and in control about their sex.


Real Hacker vs Movie Hacker

  • real hacker: So you say you're gonna break into our local nuclear power plant? I really don't think that's possible
  • movie hacker: *types a few keystrokes* I'm in
  • real hacker: But the power plant's computers aren't even connected to the internet
  • movie hacker: I said I'm in. Now I'll cause a meltdown *types a few keystrokes* Done
  • real hacker: What do you mean done? There have to be many redundant safeguards in place to stop a meltdown. In any case, a meltdown would take time.
  • movie hacker: Want me to break into the CIA next?
  • real hacker: I don't even think you should attempt to...
  • movie hacker: *types a few keystrokes* Too late. I'm in



I’m gonna say this every time someone asks me why I stretched my ears.

I knew there was a reason I stretched my ears. 


a piece of advice from somebody who’s been through this a few times already: if somebody gives you a bad vibe trust your gut


sex is a lot like an episode of star trek. you roll around together for a while, clothing gets torn, there’s dramatic music, aliens are watching, somebody dies